Change We Can Believe in?

Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to give the January 20 inaugural prayer is an interesting one. I am curious as to why the president-elect, who is looking to promote science and technology in America, would choose a man who declares on his official website that “the church is the greatest force on Earth.” In an article posted on he describes how God spoke to him “in a very audible way” through his wife.

Let us not forget that Warren backed Proposition 8 in California that explicitly states that California will only recognize marriage between a man and a woman. Obama also opposes gay marriage.

Warren’s Saddleback Church which has a congregation of 20,000 worshippers in affluent Orange County cites the literal interpretation of the bible in the What We Believe part of its web site. Fair enough, it is a Christian church after all. What is disturbing is that a future Democratic President of the United States would choose a creationist and someone who looks to God and divine intervention for solutions to the world’s problems to read the inaugural prayer. Especially since Obama presents himself as a president who will promote science and technology. It looks like the only promotion will be Warren’s own self-promotion, his books and congregation. Warren will have more exposure than Obama’s scientific and technology team.


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