Inauguration Day with Facebook

Watching the CNN Inauguration Live on Facebook on Tuesday was a real insight into America and its people – at least on Facebook. It was entertaining being able to “chat” on Facebook with excited friends in America while simultaneously “chatting” with a less excited one in the UK while watching the inaugural events all on one screen.

People feverishly updated their Facebook statuses with platitudes for the entire world to see or for anyone that cared to see. According to a report by the Telegraph UK, “More than 3,000 people were leaving comments on the Facebook CNN feed every minute at the ceremony’s peak.” Kenneth, for example, felt “like a kid on Christmas morning!” Elizabeth reminded everyone that, “there is nobody but God.” Donald was “witnessing change.”

I worry that poor Kenneth will unwrap his gift left by Father Hope only to find more of the same, another stocking full of broken promises, more cheap products made in China and real soldiers still playing war games overseas. I wonder if Elizabeth will ever realize that God probably doesn’t exist and hope that her church does not get its way with more faith-based programs or help get creationism in science classrooms. Will the “change” that Donald wishes for just be another unfulfilled American dream? Let us hope not.


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