Alcohol stops men being a flop in bed

Now before you get excited, the article, Alcohol stops men being a flop in bed, published today in New Scientist points out that it is only one or two drinks that may help prevent erectile dysfunction. A couple of drinks a day may keep erectile dysfunction away, but any more than that and you may end up with a teeny Martini weenie.


4 Responses to “Alcohol stops men being a flop in bed”

  1. Erectile dysfunction(ED) is no laughing mater. Most people think it only happens with older people until it happens to you. Almost 15% of men have sometime in their life has some sort of erectile dysfunction, while men in their sixties this can go up to 75%

    • neandergal Says:

      I agree with you that erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, but the quack solutions that you are peddling on your site are most certainly a laughing matter.

      The biggest joke is your claim that 75% of men in their 60’s have had some sort of erectile dysfunction. That large figure certainly must do wonders for your sales. According to the American Medical Association, ED affects 30 million men in the US of which 35% are over age 60.

      While it is true that older men do suffer more from ED, it is not a natural aging process. It is because older men suffer from the conditions that bring about ED.

      It is the claims you make and your quack remedies rather than my blog that exploits people suffering from ED.

  2. Hi,

    I may be a bit off on the on the 75% but as for my products not working I can assure you they do… the reason being that most of my clients are recurring customers. Why would my clientele repeatedly buy a certain product even though its not working, so beg to differ.

  3. neandergal Says:

    The fact that you have recurring customers is not evidence that your products work. Testimonials are not evidence. Just because someone says something works for them, does not mean that it actually does. There is a phenomenon called the placebo effect and is actually quite powerful. If people believe that a treatment will work then their “symptoms” sometimes disappear. The question is whether the symptoms were really physical pathologies? This is why clinical experiments test for a placebo effect. Many supplements do not undergo the same rigorous clinical trials and testing as medications.

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