Excuse me? Farts cause erections…?

According to the article, Fart molecule could be next Viagra published in New Scientist, rats injected with an enzyme that produces hydrogen sulfide in human penises caused erections in the randy little critters. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) smells like bad flatulance and rotten eggs.

Hydrogen sulfide relaxes blood vessels in the same way as Nitric oxide (NO). Erections occur because the arteries relax and allow blood to flow into the erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa).

What will they come up with next?


One Response to “Excuse me? Farts cause erections…?”

  1. naturegirl1 Says:

    Ha! Does that mean I could market my husband as a patent cure for erectile dusfunction? Like most guys, he has some sort of gas cylinder up his arse, because he farts constantly.
    Come to think of it, he’s quite good at multitasking….he can fart, belch & scratch his balls at the same time…….

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