“Ida” Hype


It is unfortunate to have such a magnificent discovery like the 47 million year old fossil “Ida” or Darwinius masillae marred by the mass media that interject misleading statements such as the “missing link” and “how it will change everything” in regard to human evolution.

New Scientist explains that the discussion is on where Ida split off in the evolutionary tree and not whether she is the “missing link”.

New Scientist interviews the palaeontologist, Jørn Hurum at the University of Oslo in Norway who sets the fossil record straight in regard to recent hype.

On the one hand he applauds that the media coverage encourages public discussion on primate evolution, but on the other hand negates this progress because creationists use the misinformation by the media against evolutionary biologists.

Inaccurate and hasty reporting inadvertently discredits science. Creationists like Creation Ministries International hijack the hype of Ida and use it to further discredit science in the eyes of the public.


One Response to ““Ida” Hype”

  1. Emily's Opinionfest Says:

    Indeed! One note — I’m a bit unenthralled with New Scientist. 1) The NS site features ads promoting the Templeton Foundation — whose president is an evangelical Christian, and which has awarded humongous monetary prizes to the likes of “Mother Teresa” and Billy Graham, as well as for “inspiring movies and TV” (winners of the movie prize include: Amazing Grace, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Passion of the Christ, and the Preacher’s Wife. Not exactly a pro-rationality/pro-science thrust there. 2) A few months ago, NS caved in to pressures to censor an anti-creationism article.

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