Big Pharma Conspiracy and Kooks, Oh My!

       The anti-vaccination lobby are convinced of big-pharma conspiracies; the wicked witch of FDA is corrupt, etc, etc. That is their single line of defense along with the isolated study that confirms their belief that vaccines harm. Anti-vaxxer kooks refuse to acknowledge hundreds of studies across developed nations showing that vaccinations do not cause harm and that vaccines do not, or ever have caused autism.

       In kook-land, the lack of critical thinking is astonishing. Which is more probably? Doctors, pharmaceutical companies, governments from all over the world are in cahoots with each other to harm children in the name of profit, or that as nations, and as human beings, we really just simply want to stop the spread of disease and ultimately eliminate it?

       Let’s stop for a moment to think about what if there really was a conspiracy between all the doctors, nurses, clinicians, every single person that worked for a pharmaceutical company, every government agency, educator and anyone else involved in healthcare from ALL OVER THE WORLD were all in cahoots to make a PROFIT by deliberately harming children? That is a heck of a lot of people all working together and keeping a secret of monumental proportion.

       Now lets think about if the conspiracy was true.

       If the conspiracy theories were actually true, who exactly would it benefit and to what end? If the big-pharma conspiracy was true, wouldn’t someone, somewhere down the line unveil the truth BACKED UP BY EVIDENCE in the form of DOCUMENTATION?

       In actual fact, if the drug companies, governments, et al really wanted to profit from all of this, then wouldn’t it behoove them to allow children to get sick from so-called “harmless” diseases so they could treat their disabilities from illnesses by discouraging vaccinations?

       Anti-vaxxers are not skeptics, they are deniers. They filter out any evidence presented to them that conflicts with their belief that vaccines harm. The process of filtering is refered to as confirmation bias in psychology. Deniers employ the fallacy of confirmation bias repeatedly with their beliefs being constantly reinforced by only surrounding themselves with people that think exactly the same way as they do.

       As proponents of evidence-based medicine, medical researchers examine just that; evidence. IF there was a shred of evidence (and there isn’t), they would examine it and possibly change their minds based on new evidence.

       No evidence exists that suggests vaccines cause autism or other harm that outweighs the benefit of vaccinating. As a matter of fact, subsequent studies confirm over and over again that vaccines are safe and that the very small element of risk does not compare to the overwhelming benefit of vaccinating large proportions of the population.

       A little less emotion and a little bit of critical thinking analysis by pulling back the curtain of reason would reveal the ridiculousness of belief in elaborate conspiracies. Only then can the anti-vaccine kooks draw the conclusion that vaccinations do not harm and that the profit motive behind harming children is utter nonsense.

       Bertrand Russell said that, “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and that the intelligent are full of doubt.” Unfortunately, the anti-vaxers will stick close together and continue to march along the yellow brick road to utter stupidity.


5 Responses to “Big Pharma Conspiracy and Kooks, Oh My!”

  1. Ola! Neandergal,
    On a similar note,, So if I understand this theory correctly, it postulates that the majority of the American, Canadian, British, and Australian governments, all major drug manufacturers (except for their supplement making branches), all major American, Canadian, British, and Australian medical universities, and all mainstream American, Canadian, British, and Australian doctors are “in on” this all-encompassing global conspiracy at bare minimum.

    Now I am going to assume for the sake of this question that this is 100% true, and functioning under that assumption can someone please help me answer these questions for me:

    1. If power structure of this Illuminati (new world order, etc) is really that massive, how are we to stop it?

    2. If power structure of this Illuminati (new world order, etc) is really that massive, why exactly do they need our money? Shouldn’t they be functioning at such a level that paper money would be inconsequential to them?

    • I dont think we can because enough dont realize whats really going on and its so I think our best option is seek a path of spirituality over materialism and seek to connect with our creator and save ourselves through a personal connection with the divine. I believe this is possible through meditation, yoga, fasting, sungazing, psychedelics and other practices that bring about altered states of conciousness and a personal experience of the divine which I believe is something that most modern mainstream religions are critically lacking.

      2. I think essentially they use money to control us. Some ppl would do some pretty dispicable things for money. Also it keeps us in this rat race and disempowers us by maintaining the illusion that the more money and the more things we have the happier we will be which just isn’t true. No amount of money can buy happiness or inner peace. Also when you get deeper into the rabbit hole I believe they really dont want us to be free or independent so they take our money so it is harder for us to live and to keep us focused on money so we dont focus on spiritaully empowering ourselves. Ultimately this is a spiritual warefare, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

      This is just what I believe after discovering just how corrupt the system is and doing some research since I woke up about a year ago. I hope this helps

  2. Maybe going over the board here.

    In the 1940s A Russian experiment was able to revive a decapitated dog using science (go to Youtube and search for more details). That was waaaaay back then without the use of the advanced technologies we have today.

    Though, not a reliable source. I read that Albert Einstein died from a heart failure and asked not to have a funeral. And his brain was donated to science. As famous as a guy like him, his death was not well known.

    A Quote from Albert Einstein: I dont know what World War III will be fought in, but World war IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Is there a worst/better weapon than Nuclear powered weapons?

    Do you think hes still alive? Alot of secrets has been kept from the public. what do you think? Im just asking for opinions. please dont bash.

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