This site contains recent news, information and commentary related to issues concerning science, religion and atheism. In particular, it covers issues relating to science versus religion and how they conflict.

The site title, Look on the Bright Side of Life is from the title of the song, Always look on the Bright Side of Life in the Monty Python movie, The Life of Brian. The movie is a parody on the life of Jesus. The title was not chosen in order to offend Christians. The “Look” refers to the eyes of the Red Tree Frog. The eye is often used as an example by intelligent design theorists to explain irreducible complexity. Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist uses it as a metaphor to explain the process of evolution in his book, Climbing Mount Improbable. This illustrates my point about the conflict between science and belief systems and why they are not compatible.

Bright refers to a person who shares a naturalist view of the world rather than look to supernatural powers such as gods or designers. For more details, visit The Brights Website to learn more about “Brights” and the Bright movement! Famous Brights are Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Michael Shermer.

The flickr photos on the sidebar are taken by me unless otherwise stated. Other photos are listed here.

Photo of Compound Eye of Trilobite:


Trilobites appeared after the Cambrian boundary, and possessed the first eyes of the fossil record. Interestingly, trilobite eyes used the mineral calcite as a lens—a structure that no living animal has.

Photo of Red-Eye Tree Frog:

URL: http://www.conservation.org/explore/regions/north_america/costarica/Pages/costarica.aspx

Photo of Blue Star Fish

URL and owner of Photo: http://www.conservation.org/explore/priority_areas/oceans/Pages/default.aspx


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  1. I discovered your website while scanning twitter #science. I was pleasantly impressed by it’s strong scientific viewpoint and good writing. I am now clicking on the ‘notify me via email’ box so I will see your next post.

    • neandergal Says:


      Thank you for subscribing! I appreciate your compliment and I look forward to hearing your feedback.


  2. The variety of topics is extremely interesting and the writing is excellent. Am looking forward to reading more updates.


  3. Excellent blog, I’m subscribing!

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